Results of NeighbourHood Planning Public Consultation

During January and February 2015 the council engaged the local population to find out their views about housing plans for the future. The results of that consultation are:

  • 80% of people believe that there should not be more than 100 houses built in the Parish over the next fifteen years

  • 78% of people believe that new housing developments should not exceed more than 20 houses on any one site

  • Most people believe that houses should only be built on either in-fill sites (42%) or on brownfield sites (48%)

  • 73% of people believe that social housing should not exceed 10% on any one site

  • 65% of people believe that roads within a development should be at least 5.5m wide

  • 82% of people think that each household should be able to park at least one car on a driveway and 67% think that each household should be able to park at least one car in a garage

  • 78% of people believe we need a new secondary school and 41% a new primary school

  • 68% of people believe that we need to keep our open spaces because it makes people feel better and less stressed

  • 35% said they thought we should consider mixed developments of housing, retail, and industry, and 31% said we needed more community facilities.



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