What you'll find on this webpage is any recent new item that are seen to be relevant to the residents of Cassop-cum-Quarrington Parish.IIf you have any news or announcements you would like us to share with others in the Parish area just let us know and we will see if we can post it here.

22 December 2020 - Bowburn Art Project

The Parish Council is consulting on an art project which will celebrate the rich mining heritage of Bowburn. Artist Andrew McKeown has been commissioned to design a landmark piece of art and residents' views are invited on the proposed design.

You can give your views in a survey at the link below. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=zd8g6wAtIEG3ftMq4e9wM9FbI_TWxVhFv3rpsVzij3JUQlI0TDgzRk02MUZZQ1cyS0wwS1ZNTFY5WS4u

18 December 2020 - North East Transport Plan Consultation

Transport North East has published a draft North East Transport Plan 2021-2035 which is currently out for consultation. The Parish Council intends to respond to the consultation which closes on 14 January 2021. Local residents are encouraged to share their views with the Parish Council or direct to Transport North East. The summary of the plan can be downloaded from here and you can find out more from Transport North East here https://www.transportnortheast.gov.uk/have-your-say/

24th June 2020

The Parish Council has published the Pre-Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan for Cassop-cum-Quarrington, and this can be read and/ or downloaded from here:https://www.ccqparishcouncil.org/ccq-neighbourhood-plan-2020.

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