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Your Parish Councillors

Unlike County Councillors, Parish Councillors are unpaid volunteers, receiving no payment for attending meetings or taking part in various committee work for the benefit of the local population in the Parish. Your Parish Councillors derive no personal benefit from undertaking their duties on behalf of the local community.


Cassop-cum-Quarrington Parish Council has 15 councillors, four in the East ward and 11 in the West ward. The most recent Parish Council Elections took place on Thursday 6 May 2021. 

West Ward

1. Councillor John Johnson, 10 Horton Crescent, Bowburn, DH6 5EJ

Email: Tel: 0191 377 0004

2. Councillor Maura McKeon, 27 Wylam Street, Bowburn, DH6 5BD


3. Councillor Dennis Morgan, 26 Durham Road West, Bowburn, DH6 5AU

Email: Tel: 0191 377 0553

4. Councillor Gary Parker, 28 Charlton Court, Bowburn, DH6 5FB


5. Councillor Jackie Richardson, 27 Monteigne Drive, Bowburn, DH6 5QB

Email: Tel: 0191 377 3574

6. Councillor Martin Ridley, Honeysuckle House, 1a Overman Street, High Shincliffe, DH1 2PU

Email: Tel: 07949 123886

7. Councillor James Robinson, 4 Steavenson Street, Bowburn, DH6 5BA

Email: Tel: 0191 377 1655

8. Councillor John Spoors, 8 Grange Way, Bowburn, DH6 5PN

Email: Tel: 0191 597 0789

9. Councillor Craig Prince, 6 Robson Crescent, Bowburn, DH6 5DU


10. Councillor Andrew Shutt, 27 Parkhill Estate, Coxhoe, Co Durham, DH6 4JH

Email: Tel: 07836 512084

11. Councillor Paul Bradley, 15 Lynn Park Crescent, Coxhoe, Co Durham, DH6 4ES


East Ward

12. Councillor Sylvia Raine, The Grange, Old Quarrington, Co Durham, DH6 5NN

Email:, Tel: 0191 377 2728

13. Councillor George Storey, 20 Lynn Crescent, Cassop, Co Durham, DH6 4RH

Email: Tel: 07787 768784

14. Councillor Alfie Dolan, 6 Parkhill Estate, Coxhoe, Co Durham, DH6 4JH


15. Councillor Nicola Henderson, 39 Earls Way, Park Hill, Coxhoe, Co. Durham, DH6 4BU



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