Neighbourhood Plan for Cassop-cum-Quarrington Parish

These are the main policies which have been drafted for the Neighbourhood Plan:


Except as asterisked below, proposals for built development will not be permitted on land which forms a ‘Protected Rural Setting’ (PRS) for Bowburn and Parkhill, described as follows -

• Countryside to the north of Bowburn, between the disused railway line and the Al(M);

• Countryside to the north, south and east of Parkhill, excluding land already subject of planning permission.


Uses which maintain and enhance the open qualities of PRS land will be encouraged. Essential built development connected to such uses that needs to be located within the PRS land will be assessed according to its impacts upon the open qualities and essential roles which the PRS land plays.


*Extensions to existing buildings which remain subordinate to the main building.



The sites listed below are designated as Local Green Spaces (LGS). Development that results in the loss or partial loss of a LGS will only be permitted where the community would gain equivalent benefit from the provision of suitable replacement green space; or in the case where there is partial loss it can be demonstrated that the development will enhance the role and function of that LGS.

LGS1: Bowburn - Mary Terrace

LGS2: Bowburn - Cavell Drive

LGS3: Bowburn - Junction of Tail-upon-End Lane and Sherburn Road

LGS4: Bowburn - John Hare’s Wood

LGS5: Bowburn - Doorstep Green

LGS6: Bowburn - Allotments (Burn Street)

LGS7: Bowburn - Allotments (opp. Community Centre)

LGS8: Bowburn - Allotments (adj. to Bowburn Park)

LGS9: Bowburn – Bowburn Park

LGS10: Parkhill - Park Avenue Island

LGS11: Parkhill – Parkhill (West Hetton Lodge) Woods

LGS12: Parkhill - Coxhoe Ponds Local Wildlife Site

LGS13: Parkhill - Play Area

LGS14: Crow Trees Local Nature Reserve

LGS15: Cassop - Allotments

LGS16: Cassop - Play Area

LGS17: Tursdale - Play Area & Allotments


Proposals for development which will impact upon a Locally Valued Heritage Asset listed below and identified on Map x will be assessed according to the net positive or negative effects that will occur to the asset in terms of sustaining and enhancing its significance. All proposals should seek to ensure the long-term conservation of the asset and avoid substantial harm to, or loss of, its significance.

LVHA1: Bowburn School, Wylam St, Bowburn
LVHA2: The Hemmel, Old Cassop
LVHA3: WW2 Air Raid Shelter, Parkhill
LVHA4: Former Clarence Railway, Parkhill
LVHA5: Colliery Winding Building, Crow Trees Local Nature Reserve
LVHA6: Former School, Tursdale